15 Top Business Internships for High School Students 2023

Internships serve as invaluable gateways to the professional world, offering high school students a glimpse into their future careers. In the competitive job market, securing a meaningful Business internship during high school can be a game-changer. 

This comprehensive guide explores internships for high school students business, providing a roadmap for those eager to go on a transformative journey toward success.

Introduction to Business Internships

Internships are important experiences that provide students with a firsthand look into the world of business. These opportunities are designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications. 

Through internships, students gain practical insights, develop essential skills, and nurture their passion for various fields within the business world.

Ladders for Leaders – NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program

Ladders for Leaders, an initiative under NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program, stands out as a prestigious opportunity for high school students. This program not only offers financial compensation but also provides participants with a unique chance to work in professional settings across diverse industries. 

Students who participate in Ladders for Leaders can acquire important abilities including problem-solving, communication, and cooperation. 

Furthermore, the program’s focus on mentoring makes sure that emerging talent is assisted and led as they make their way through the challenges of the corporate world.

The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI)

Named after Congresswoman Bella Abzug, BALI empowers female-identifying and gender-expansive youth in NYC. Through seminars and networking events, BALI instills confidence and leadership skills, preparing young individuals to thrive in corporate and community life. 

This internship opportunity not only imparts business knowledge but also focuses on personal and professional development.

Meta Summer Academy

Meta Summer Academy, formerly Facebook Summer Academy, opens doors for California students aspiring to enter the tech industry. This program offers a comprehensive experience, combining hands-on learning, mentorship, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. 

Participants get into the world of social media giants, gaining insights into tech-driven businesses. By exploring areas like programming, digital marketing, and user experience design, students can shape their career paths in the dynamic field of technology.

Port of Seattle High School Internships – Free Internships for High School Students Business

The Port of Seattle High School Internships provide a diverse range of real-world projects in areas such as Aviation Operations, Maritime Operations, and Community Engagement. These paid internships offer students exposure to public speaking, project management, and networking, preparing them for corporate environments. 

By working on impactful projects related to airport management, logistics, and community outreach, interns develop practical skills and a deep understanding of the business operations that drive the city’s growth.

Jimerson Berr High School Internship

For students fascinated by the legal aspects of business, the Jimerson Berr High School Internship in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a good experience.

Participants have the opportunity to explore various departments, including accounting and legal services, gaining valuable insights into the legal side of the business world.

Through hands-on tasks, interns learn about contracts, intellectual property law, and corporate regulations, paving the way for future careers in the legal field of business.

Bank of America Student Leaders Program

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program selects high school juniors and seniors for paid internships at nonprofits. Apart from gaining practical experience, participants attend the Student Leaders Summit in Washington D.C., enhancing their understanding of how government, business, and nonprofit sectors collaborate to address community needs. 

This unique program not only exposes students to the nonprofit sector but also fosters a sense of social responsibility, encouraging them to use their skills for the greater good of society.

Wharton Global Youth Program – Paid Internships for High School Students Business

The Wharton Global Youth Program provides summer courses in business and entrepreneurship. Students collaborate on team projects, attend workshops, and network with industry professionals, honing their skills and preparing for future ventures in the business world. 

This program offers a comprehensive approach, focusing on innovation, leadership, and market analysis. By engaging in hands-on activities and case studies, participants learn to think critically and creatively, essential skills for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

CSSI, facilitated by Google, offers a four-week online introduction to computer science for graduated seniors. This intensive program focuses on computer science fundamentals, coding exercises, and collaborative projects.

Beyond technical skills, CSSI emphasizes holistic development, with workshops promoting self-care, identity, and career development. Participants gain valuable insights into the tech industry, paving the way for future careers in software engineering, data analysis, or artificial intelligence.

Youth bridge-NY Fellowship

The Youthbridge-NY Fellowship spans two years, providing intensive leadership training and experiential learning opportunities. With mentorship from successful professionals, fellows engage in team-building activities and workshops, creating a strong foundation for their future leadership roles. 

This business internship for high school students emphasizes personal growth, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. 

Fellows get a profound grasp of social dynamics and organizational leadership via involvement in leadership simulations and community initiatives. 

This helps to position them for significant roles in a range of corporate sectors.

KP Launch Program

The KP Launch Program focuses on underrepresented students in the healthcare industry, offering internships in non-medical fields. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, interns gain exposure to accounting, project management, and sales, enriching their understanding of healthcare-related careers. 

Working closely with professionals in healthcare administration allows interns to learn about the business side of the medical field. In response to the industry’s growing demand for diverse viewpoints.

This program gives students the skills they need for careers in healthcare management, healthcare policy, or healthcare marketing.

Work! As Learning Program

The Work! As Learning Program in New Hampshire connects students with local paid internships, emphasizing critical thinking and skill development. 

Through career assessments, students are matched with internships that align with their interests, enabling them to balance academics and work experiences effectively.

Engaging in real-world projects and problem-solving tasks allows interns to develop analytical and decision-making skills crucial for the business world. This program not only offers valuable work experience but also prepares students for the challenges of higher education and future careers.

PNNL High School Business Internship

The PNNL High School Business Internship integrates real-world work with regular high school classes. Participants gain elective credits, mentorship, and hands-on experience in various business areas, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of corporate environments. 

Interns who work in the education sector get a thorough awareness of resource allocation, policy creation, and administrative procedures. This program provides a seamless transition from classroom learning to professional environments, preparing students for the demands of the modern business landscape.

Department of Education Internship Opportunities

The Department of Education Internship Opportunities provides valuable insights into fields like Human Resources Management and Project Management. With a diverse range of internships available, students can explore potential career paths, shaping their decisions for the future. 

Interns who work in the education sector get a thorough awareness of resource allocation, policy creation, and administrative procedures. This program not only enhances their knowledge of education management but also prepares them for roles by specializing in education.

Interns4Good Virtual Opportunities

Interns4Good offers virtual internships at nonprofits, allowing students to contribute remotely. With flexible hours and skill enhancement opportunities in areas like

Graphic design

Digital marketing,

and fundraising interns can make a meaningful impact while developing their talents. 

They get fresh viewpoint on the nexus between business and social responsibility by working with groups committed to social concerns.

This program instills a sense of purpose, encouraging students to apply their skills for the betterment of society, and fostering a mindset of corporate social responsibility from an early age.

Final Words

Internships for high school students business are transformative experiences that pave the way for future success. These programs not only offer practical skills and industry insights but also nurture qualities such as leadership, and social responsibility. 

Kids may realize their full potential and create their own pathways as future leaders, and entrepreneurs in the business world.


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