Costco Hawaii Travel [My Honest Review]

Last year I had the privilege of visiting indigenous sites in the USA, and my first pick in the list was Hawaii. For this trip, I chose Costco Hawaii. My experience with their service was a mix of reactions and emotions, I’ll never forget.

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And if you’re up to fulfilling the bucket list of your travel diaries, do not skip this post. It’s all about Costco Travel Hawaii, my honest reaction, and much more. So, let’s begin.

What Is Costco

Before we begin, I need to lay out what Costco is. Transitioning from digital services to physical shopping, Costco provides bulk items at wholesale prices, ensuring affordability and quality. 

With a wide range of products from groceries to electronics, Costco meets diverse consumer needs easily.

Costco Travel Packages

Sanctuary Cap Cana Package

  • Adults-Only Resort in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana
  • Unlimited Meals, Snacks, and Spirits
  • Includes Digital Costco Shop Card

SoCal in Style

  • Orange County at Paséa Hotel & Spa
  • Four Nights for the Price of Three
  • Resort Credit Offered

Luxury on The Strip

  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Package
  • $75 Food and Beverage Credit Included
  • Invited Guest Check-In Available

Riverfront Escape

  • Hilton New Orleans Riverside Package
  • Waived Daily Resort Fee
  • Enjoy the Vibrant City of New Orleans

Near Chelsea

  • INNSIDE New York NoMad Package
  • Complimentary Bicycle Rentals
  • Welcome Amenity for Guests

Sophistication Meets Relaxation

  • La Cantera Resort & Spa Package in San Antonio
  • Waived Daily Resort Fee for Added Savings

My Costco Hawaii Trip

So, last year I embarked on an amazing trip to Hawaii through Costco Travel. Starting in Oahu, I enjoyed the luxurious amenities of a resort nestled along the island’s stunning coastline. Transitioning to Maui, I embarked on a scenic helicopter tour, marveling at the breathtaking landscapes below.

Continuing my journey, I explored the volcanic wonders of the Big Island, witnessing the awe-inspiring power of Kilauea Volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Then, on the Garden Isle of Kauai, I embarked on thrilling adventures like ziplining through lush rainforests and cruising along the iconic Na Pali Coast at sunset.

Costco Travel ensured a seamless experience throughout my trip, from booking accommodations to arranging unforgettable excursions. With their expertise, I was able to make the most of my Hawaiian adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What I Liked

What stood out most during my Costco Travel trip to Hawaii was the seamless itinerary organization. Every activity, from helicopter tours to sunset cruises, flowed effortlessly, allowing me to make the most of my time on each island. 

The accommodations booked through Costco were top-notch, offering luxurious comfort and stunning views that exceeded my expectations. Additionally, the variety of excursions available catered to every interest, ensuring there was never a dull moment during my vacation.

What I Disliked

While my trip with Costco Travel was overall fantastic, there were a few minor drawbacks. One issue I encountered was the limited flexibility in scheduling certain activities. Due to pre-arranged tour times, I felt slightly constrained in my exploration of the islands and wished for more flexibility to tailor the itinerary to my preferences. 

Additionally, I found that some of the optional add-ons, such as spa treatments or dining experiences, were a bit pricey compared to similar offerings outside of the Costco package. Despite these minor drawbacks, my overall experience with Costco Travel to Hawaii was overwhelmingly positive.

Costco Review

Costco Travel provides a convenient platform for booking vacations with reasonable prices and various perks included in packages. Their user-friendly website simplifies the booking process, making it accessible even for those new to online travel planning. 

I appreciate the added value of bonuses like resort credits and Costco cash cards, enhancing the vacation experience. Additionally, their option for deposit and payment over time helps budgeting for trips easier, especially for family vacations.

However, some customers have reported issues with flexibility in bookings and responsiveness to flight changes. While Costco Travel offers competitive prices, it’s essential to compare and ensure the best deal for every aspect of the trip. 

Despite occasional hiccups, many customers have had positive experiences with their vacations booked through Costco Travel, enjoying quality accommodations and seamless travel arrangements. Overall, Costco Travel remains a viable option for budget-conscious travelers seeking convenience and value in their vacation bookings.


Q.1. Does Costco Travel include flights?

Ans: Yes, some packages include airfare, while others can be booked without airfare, depending on availability.

Q.2. Can I use Costco Travel for someone else?

Ans: You can buy a trip for someone else using your Costco membership by providing their information.

Q.3. Do you have to pay in full for Costco Travel?

Ans: No, you can secure your reservation with a deposit, and the remaining amount is due closer to your travel dates.

Q.4. Is Costco Travel only for the USA?

Ans: Yes, Costco Travel is exclusive to Costco members residing in the United States for various vacation packages.

Q.5. Is Costco Travel only for the USA?

Ans: Yes, Costco Travel is exclusively for Costco members residing in the United States for various vacation packages.

Q.6. Who can use Costco Travel?

Ans: Costco Travel is available exclusively for Costco members residing in the United States, offering negotiated deals.

Q.7. How much does Costco Travel cost?

Ans: Costco Travel offers vacation packages at varying prices, generally over $1,000 per person for multiday trips.

Q.8. Can I go to Costco in any country?

Ans: Your Costco membership is valid worldwide, allowing you to shop at any Costco location internationally.

Q.9. Can I change my Costco Travel date?

Ans: Yes, you can modify or cancel your vacation package or cruise reservation by contacting Costco Travel.

Q.10. Do you earn 2 on Costco Travel?

Ans: Executive Members earn a 2% reward on all non-taxable Costco Travel, including airfare, as a benefit.

Q.11. Can you pay for Costco Travel with a visa?

Ans: Yes, Visa credit or debit cards are accepted for Costco Travel reservations made over the phone.

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