Describing Words that Start with O

Describing Words that start With O! These words are very useful in English when you want to describe a person or a thing with letter O. These words with O will help you to improve your English.

Describing Words That Start With O

  • Orotund
  • Obscure
  • Overwhelming
  • Owing
  • Orange
  • Outlandish
  • Overexcited
  • Onetime
  • Orchestral
  • Omnibus
  • Opalescent
  • Opportunist
  • Online
  • Obstructed
  • Operable
  • Overfocused
  • Overachieving
  • Outlawed
  • Ochre
  • Overexerted
  • Obligational
  • Outlaw
  • Overdosed
  • Outraged
  • Oceanic
  • Oblong
  • Overnighter
  • Olympic
  • Opening
  • Optimal
  • Oaken
  • Obliterated
  • Overt
  • Oncological
  • Ongoing
  • Optimistic
  • Overfulfilled
  • Oracular
  • Optic
  • Ok
  • Overcritical
  • On
  • Opulent
  • Oriented
  • Obligatory
  • Overactive
  • Outstanding
  • Outrageous
  • Orientated
  • Optimum
  • Oily
  • Overprotective
  • Onshore
  • Overshot
  • Odd
  • Overweight
  • Overemotional
  • Obstreperous
  • Obnoxious
  • Overcharged
  • Occurrent
  • Organized
  • Original
  • Operative
  • Oafish
  • Ordeal
  • Occult
  • Overexposed

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Positive Describing Words With O

  • Odorless
  • Operant
  • Orwellian
  • Operating
  • Overcoached
  • Ovid
  • Overmodest
  • Organic
  • Over
  • Octogenarian
  • Obscene
  • Obliging
  • Officious
  • Occluded
  • Overburdened
  • Oppressive
  • Overwhelmed
  • Originative
  • Outdoorsy
  • Overdressed
  • Overland
  • Overjoyed
  • Occupational
  • Oxidized
  • Obtainable
  • Occasional
  • Overbooked
  • Olfactory
  • Oblique
  • Overconcerned
  • Overcommitted
  • Openhanded
  • Ovation
  • Overbearing
  • Obsessional
  • Observational
  • Obsolete
  • Off
  • Occipital
  • Overage
  • Olympian
  • Overstuffed
  • Ornate
  • Oldest
  • Oriental
  • Old
  • Overanxious
  • Obtuse
  • Odious
  • Overly
  • Okay
  • Observant
  • Octangular
  • Omissible
  • Occupied
  • Ordered
  • Out

Descriptive Words Starting With O

  • Offshore
  • Obligated
  • Outspoken
  • Opened
  • Omniscient
  • Owned
  • Objective
  • Olden
  • Oncoming
  • Opaline
  • Oldish
  • Omnipresent
  • Operational
  • On-Going
  • Overwrought
  • Ownerless
  • Obstinate
  • Outcast
  • Opposite
  • Objectionable
  • Overdeveloped
  • Opportunistic
  • Overinformed
  • Omnidirectional
  • Outgoing
  • Overfatigued
  • One
  • Orientating
  • Offensive
  • Openhearted
  • Open
  • Oral
  • Overnight
  • Observable
  • Overabundant
  • Obese
  • Offhand
  • Outclassed
  • Omissive
  • Other
  • Ostensive
  • Overaged
  • Outdoor
  • Open-Minded
  • Operatic
  • Own
  • Outspread
  • Overachiever
  • Overexerting
  • Opinionated
  • Olive
  • Overall
  • Offstage
  • Obsessive
  • Oxlike
  • Overeducated
  • Obdurate
  • Obedient
  • Orbital
  • Open-Ended
  • Opaque
  • Obliterable
  • Only
  • Overcounted
  • Obvious
  • Opponent
  • Overhead
  • Overextended
  • Offbeat
  • Outright
  • Overindulgent
  • Overcoming
  • Overzealous
  • Outdated
  • Opportune
  • Official
  • Oozy
  • Ordinary
  • Omnipotent
  • Obtrusive
  • Ordained
  • Optional
  • Older
  • Orthodox
  • Ornamental
  • Oversteered
  • Overcast
  • Outbound
  • Orderly
  • Ostentatious
  • Oak
  • Orthopedic
  • Oblivious
  • Obstructive
  • Overfed
  • Outmoded

List of Nice, Kind, and Positive Words That Start with O

Kind words starting with the letter o encapsulate positive emotions, attributes, and values.

WORD                MEANING

Optimistic Hopeful

Outstanding Exceptional

Open-hearted Compassionate

Opportunity Possibility

Original Innovative

Oasis            Refuge

Onward Forward

Overjoyed Delighted

Open-minded Receptive

Outshine Excel

Observant Perceptive

Organized Systematic

Openness Transparency

Olympian Majestic

One-of-a-kind Unique

Omnipotent All-powerful

Overcome Conquer

Overwhelming Intense

Originality Creativity

Obedient Compliant

Open-handed Generous

Overachiever Accomplished

Overtake Surpass

Over-the-moon Ecstatic

Omniscient All-knowing

Oath Pledge

Optimal Best

List of Inspirational Words That Start With the letter O

Here are some fantastic inspirational positive words that start with ‘o’ aim to inspire, motivate, and bring positivity to individuals.


Optimism Hope

Opportunity Chance

Overcome Conquer

Oasis             Refuge

Outpouring Overflow

Oneness Unity

Open-minded Receptive

Outward-bound Exploratory

Originality Creativity

Onward Forward

Overjoyed Delighted

Onward Progress

Outstanding Exceptional

Overwhelm Awe

Open-hearted Compassionate

Love Words That Start With The Letter O

These romantic, loving positive words that start with the letter o encompass various aspects of affection and endearment. A unique list of Positive words adds warmth and tenderness to expressions of love.


Obsession Passion

Oath      Commitment

Otherworldly Spiritual

One and Only Exclusive

Oneness Unity

List of Encouraging Words That Start With O

Here are encouraging positive words beginning with O encapsulation a variety of meanings from humor, value, fairness, and excitement.


Optimism Hope

Opportunity Chance

Onward Progress

Openness Receptiveness

Overcome Conquer

10+ List of Positive Words that Start with O with Examples


Optimism Optimism brightens every day.

Opportunity Embrace every opportunity.

Open-hearted She’s open-hearted and kind.

Oneness Feeling a sense of oneness.

Optimistic He’s an optimistic thinker.

Oasis The garden was an oasis.

Originality Express your originality.

Outstanding She’s an outstanding student.

Overcome “Overcome obstacles bravely.

Open-minded Stay open-minded to ideas.

Overjoyed We’re overjoyed by the news.

Optimized Optimized for best results.

Overture His speech was an overture.

Omnipotent Love’s an omnipotent force.

Oath             An oath of loyalty.

List of Descriptive Words That Start With The Letter O

Here is a list of positive words that start with n to describe a person’s positivity.


Ornate   Elaborate

Opulent Luxurious

Opaque Unclear

Obsolete Outdated

Organic Natural

Obsidian Dark

Oblique Indirect

Outstanding Exceptional

Onerous Burdensome

Oscillating Swinging

Ornamental Decorative

Obsequious Submissive

Overgrown Overly grown

Obtuse                     Dull

Olfactory Relating to smell

Opaque Not transparent

Oceanic Related to the sea

Obdurate Stubborn

Ornery             Stubborn or irritable

Optimal Best possible

10 Example Sentences (Words That Start With O That Are Positive)

  1. Optimism fuels our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence.
  2. Embrace the opportunity to explore new horizons in life.
  3. With an open heart, she radiates openness and kindness.
  4. The originality of his artwork left us in awe.
  5. Their oneness is the key to a harmonious relationship.
  6. The students’ optimism is infectious and inspiring.
  7. He showed outstanding skill in the basketball game.
  8. Overcoming challenges makes us stronger and wiser.
  9. Her overture marked the beginning of a beautiful melody.
  10. We cherish the open-heartedness of this community.

FAQs (Positive Words With O)

What are some positive word that starts with o?

Positive words starting with ‘O’ include Optimism, Opportunity, Open-heartedness, Originality, Outstanding, Overcome, Oasis, and Oneness.

What are ‘o’ words to describe a person positively?

Optimistic, Observant, Original, Outgoing, Outstanding, Overachiever, Optimizer, and Open-minded are positive ‘O’ words for describing a person.

What words begin with ‘o’ That Have 6 letters?

Some 6-letter words starting with ‘O’ include Obtain, Outlet, Origin, Output, Oyster, Outfit, and Oracle.

What powerful words start with the letter O?

Optimism, Opportunity, Outstanding, Overcome, Oasis, Open-mindedness, Oneness, Originality, Oath, and Optimality are powerful O words.

What are some cool words that start with O?

Oasis, Outlandish, Obsidian, Opulent, Optimistic, Overture, Onomatopoeia, Ocular, Olympian, and Overwhelming are cool O words.

Final Thoughts:

Inlast, exploring describing words that start with ‘O’ can be an enriching journey in enhancing English vocabulary. From ‘Optimistic’ to ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Originality’ to ‘Overcome,’ these words not only add depth to language but also inspire positivity and creativity.

Whether describing a person, expressing love, or seeking encouragement, the array of words beginning with ‘O’ offers a plethora of options. Furthermore, understanding the power of these words can foster a sense of unity (‘Oneness’), progress (‘Onward’), and generosity (‘Open-handed’). 

So, let’s embrace the opportunity to incorporate these words into our daily lives, spreading optimism, kindness, and inspiration wherever we go.

Happy Learning!


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