How Much Travel Nurses Earn

Are you curious about how much travel nurses earn on an average? I think we might have the answer to this question. 

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Among the top-paying states are New York, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, with New Hampshire exceeding the national average by 6.4% and New York surpassing it by an impressive 18.8%, adding $19,000 to the average. 

That is only the beginning salary of a nurse, wait until you read the solid benefits they get below. 

Nurse Pay Explained

Curious about nurse pay? Let’s break it down. Travel nurses earn higher salaries than regular nurses. They have control over their schedules, choosing when and where they work. 

Additionally, they can pick assignments that align with their interests and passions. With these perks, travel nursing offers financial success, flexibility, and freedom. Jackson Nurse Professionals (JNP), the nation’s trusted staffing agency, ensures nurses find rewarding assignments. 

They partner with prestigious hospitals nationwide. Travel nursing with JNP is hassle-free. They understand nurses’ career goals, find suitable assignments, and keep nurses informed. Testimonials from JNP nurses highlight the agency’s excellence. 

For instance, recruiters are responsive and supportive, ensuring smooth transitions and timely payments. JNP’s referral program further boosts earnings, with nurses earning extra cash by referring friends. 

Ready to join JNP? It’s as easy as completing your profile, searching for jobs, and applying. With JNP, nurses can expect top-notch support, lucrative opportunities, and a fulfilling career.

Travel Nurse Pay Explained

Firstly, travel nurses earn competitive salaries, with an average weekly wage of $2,058. This translates to an annual salary of $107,016 for a year-round commitment. The potential for higher pay is particularly pronounced in states like Nevada, where the median weekly salary is $2,486, 21% higher than the national average.

Additionally, travel nurses enjoy various benefits beyond their hourly rates. These include travel reimbursements, covering transportation costs to and from assignments, and licensing reimbursements for obtaining new licenses in different states.

Moreover, staffing agencies typically offer comprehensive benefits packages, including 401k plans, life insurance, and housing support. Housing assistance may come in the form of a stipend or provided accommodation. 

Another perk is the potential for tax benefits, especially when working in states other than one’s primary residence. Additionally, travel nurses often have opportunities for overtime pay, further increasing their earnings.

Transitioning from a staff nurse to a travel nurse can significantly boost one’s income, as travel nurses earn more than the average registered nurse. While the average weekly wage for registered nurses is $1,561.92, travel nurses earn $2,058 per week on average. 

Plus, travel nurses have more control over their careers, choosing where and when to work and enjoying flexibility in their schedules. With these benefits in mind, a career as a travel nurse offers not just financial rewards but also autonomy and flexibility.

Why Do Travel Nurses Travel

  • Higher compensation: Enjoy the salary you deserve for your valuable nursing skills.
  • Flexibility: Choose when and where you work, giving you control over your schedule.
  • Assignment choice: Select assignments that align with your interests and passions.
  • Financial success: Earn competitive wages while exploring new locations and gaining valuable experience.
  • Freedom: Experience the independence of a travel nurse lifestyle, with opportunities for growth and adventure.
  • Hassle-free experience: Let us handle the details while you focus on delivering excellent patient care.
  • Supportive team: Count on us to understand your goals, find suitable assignments, and provide ongoing support.
  • Accessible recruiters: Enjoy seamless communication and support from dedicated recruiters who have your back.
  • Referral benefits: Take advantage of our referral program to earn extra rewards while sharing your positive experience.
  • Positive experiences: Join our community of satisfied travel nurses who appreciate our commitment to their success.


Q.1. Where do you have contracts?

Ans: We staff nationwide! From Alaska to Maine in hospitals, home health, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and long-term care hospitals.

Q.2. How long are contracts?

Ans: Most contracts are 3 months in lengths; 13 weeks tends to be the standard but there is potential for shorter or longer contracts depending on the client’s need.

Q.3. What if I only have one license but want to go out of state?

Ans: If you only have one license but want to work out of state, you’ll need to apply for that state’s license by endorsement. Most facilities require an active license for that state before starting.

Q.4. What do I do if the facility sends me home early?

Ans: If the facility sends you home early, note it on your timesheet and try to make up the time if the hospital needs it. Also, communicate with your recruiter about the situation.

Q.5. How do I elect benefits?

Ans: During the first week of your contract, you’ll receive a benefits packet with enrollment instructions from our benefits department. For any questions, contact management.

Q.6. What type of travel nurse gets paid the most?

Ans: The pay for travel nurses varies based on factors like location, specialty, and healthcare setting. Nurses in critical care sectors such as PICU, CVOR, and CVICU often command higher rates due to patient complexity.

Q.7. What are some of the most important qualities for a travel nurse?

Ans: Successful travel nurses need to be responsible, trustworthy, good with people, persistent, and resilient. Additionally, excellent clinical and soft skills, adaptability, a desire to travel, and openness to new experiences are essential.

Q.8. What are the specific requirements?

Ans: Facilities typically require at least one year of recent experience in the specialty you wish to travel in!

Wrap Up Time

So, that’s the run-around on how much travel nurses earn on average. And how you can become a stellar travel nurse in this day and age.

All professions require the necessary training and hands-on experience to perform better at work. And if you need to hear more on high-paid professions or educational content, we’re there for you.

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