World’s Tallest Woman [2024]

Meet Rumasya Gelgi, a Turkish-born web developer who has taken the internet, not from her software skills but from her towering profile.

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With the largest hands, fingers, and a towering back, this 7-foot-tall lady has all four body-positive Guinness titles. So, without further ado, let’s meet the tallest women of the world.

Rumaysa Gelgi Biography

Born on Rumeysa January 1, 1997 in Turkey, Rumeysa Gelgi came from humble beginnings to become world’s tallest woman.

Before claiming the title of the tallest woman in the world, Gelgi first made waves as the world’s tallest teenager. Such a recognition was bestowed upon her by Guinness World Records in 2021.

Gelgi’s Resilient and Steadfast Journey

Despite possessing a towering height of 7 ft and 0.7 in, she has marked her journey with resilience and a steadfast commitment.

However, this achievement not only propelled her internationally but also set the stage for her subsequent triumphs.

Her indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve were further showcased in February 2022 when she clinched three additional Guinness World Record titles. These include: longest finger on a living person (female), largest hands on a living person (female), and longest back on a living person (female).

Rumaysa’s Accolades

These accolades served as a testament to Gelgi’s extraordinary journey and her unwavering commitment to awareness.

Beyond the realm of record-breaking, Gelgi’s impact extends far and wide. As an advocate for individuals with rare medical conditions, she uses her titles as a platform to raise awareness.

In the words of world’s tallest woman, she aims to inspire and encourage individuals to embrace their uniqueness and realize their full potential.

Gelgi’s journey to empowerment reached new heights in 2022 when she embarked on a transformative voyage to California, fulfilling a lifelong dream of traveling by plane.

Despite the physical challenges posed by her condition, Gelgi’s determination remained unyielding. With a spirit of resilience and a heart full of dreams, she embarked on a journey that symbolized the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

In a world often defined by limitations and constraints, world’s tallest woman’s story stands as a powerful testament to the transformative power of courage, perseverance, and unwavering determination.

Through her advocacy work, personal achievements, and unwavering spirit, Gelgi continues to defy expectations and inspire countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness and pursue their dreams with unwavering resolve.

As she continues to chart new territories and break down barriers, Gelgi remains a towering figure of inspiration and empowerment for generations to come.

Rumaysa Gelgi and Weaver Syndrome

Although Gelgi blames her doctor for not giving her mother a C-section, her height had gone off with Weaver Syndrome, a rare bone overgrowth disorder that is caused by mutations in the EZH2 gene.

One in every fifty people suffers from this autosomal dominant genetic disorder, and that includes the tallest women in the world. It’s one of the main reasons Rumasya prefers a wheelchair over walking, and prefers business class over economy class.

Gelgi doesn’t let the condition put her down, instead, she uses this as an awareness since she got her first Guinness World record, right about when she was seventeen.

Rumaysa doesn’t just give interviews to the press about this condition. Recently, she’s been in talks with the Child Growth Foundation about WS and has been raising awareness to the audience worldwide.

Rumaysa’s Treatment For Weaver Syndrome

Rumasya’s puberty started at age 6 and finished at 9. It might sound extreme but did you her exceptionally fast growth, she was given a high dose of estrogen. This was meant to balance out her adult height.

Instead, she outgrew and got the title of one of the tallest women teenagers. Later on, the title was taken by Olivier Rioux, who measures 7-foot-6). Despite all this, she is actively searching for jobs in the United States, and inspiring people worldwide.

Despite all, she is readily coping with her genetic disorders. Her secret? Positive mindset, getting the right treatment, and having a belief in yourself, that’s all!

World’s Tallest Woman vs Polar Bear

Although Rumasya is the tallest, she’s got to take on the most hungry carnivore on the planet, the polar bear.

Physically speaking, Rumasya’s 7-foot tall profile is closely contested against the male polar bear’s 10-foot presence. Combined with his fierce claws that prey on predators and will show no mercy to Rumasya in a wheelchair.

Gelgi will either have to wait for the bear to hibernate or count on her web-development skills to call support.

But if that doesn’t work, the 450-kg mass of a polar bear is vulnerable to suplexes.

Despite possessing the record for the largest hands and back, the world’s tallest woman could drop kick the bear down the snowy ground. But the bear’s response would be nothing short of fatal.

Despite a solo match-up, the bear could maul world’s tallest woman, and the only way out could be a prayer.


Q.1. How tall is the tallest person in the world, female?

Rumasya Gelgi is the tallest female living. Her seven feet tall profile makes her world’s tallest woman.

Q.2. Who is the tallest woman of all time?

Despite, giant contenders, Trijntje Keever has the timeless title of the tallest woman of all time, measuring around 8 feet, 4”.

Q.3. Which country has the tallest girls?

Latvia has the tallest girls in history. Women born in 1996 in the Baltic state on average, are 169.80cm — or around 5ft 7” in height.

Q.4. Who is the tallest person alive today?

Today, the tallest person alive is Sultan Kösen. Being 8 ft 2.82 in (251.00 cm), he is known as the tallest living man, the 7th verified tallest person in history. And is therefore, the tallest farmer in the world. The tallest indeed.

Q.5. What is the tallest recorded human height?

The tallest human, however is Robert Pershing Wadlow, 8 ft. 11” which is the tallest person ever lived. This would make him one of the greatest NBA player.

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