Best Travel Agent Jobs Near You

Travel agencies help plan trips for fun, work, or relaxation. They work with different businesses like hotels and airlines to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Yup, we’re talking about the best Travel Agent jobs near you.

In particular, some travel agents can work from home, talking with people from different parts of the travel industry. 

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In particular, knowing which companies hire remote agents and what they offer could help you find the best travel agent jobs. In this article, we’ll talk about what remote travel agents do and list 16 companies that pay well for remote jobs in this field.

What Does A Travel Agent Do

The best travel agent jobs helps people or businesses plan their trips. Despite this, they arrange things like flights, hotels, and activities. Therefore, these agents talk to clients to figure out what they need and want for their travels. 

Then, they suggest options that fit their budget and schedule. Therefore, remote travel agents also keep up with travel trends and rules to make sure everything goes smoothly for their clients. Therefore, if something changes, they find solutions to keep the trip on track.


Net worth: $640—960m

AvantStay started in 2017 and focuses on managing places where people stay when they travel. They have special computer programs that let travel agents book hotels and rental places right away. Therefore, the company works with different hotels and property managers to make sure guests get what they need. Therefore, it offers best travel agent jobs. 

AvantStay hires people to work from home to help guests with questions, suggest things to do, and handle bookings to make sure properties stay busy. In particular, they offer best travel agent jobs with salaries like:

  • Head of Making Customers Happy: $140,000–$200,000 a year
  • Senior Helper: $75,000–$85,000 a year
  • Transaction Organizer: $55,000–$60,000 a year
  • Manager of Making Guests Feel Special: $55,000–$62,400 a year
  • Guest Experience Specialist: $20–$24 an hour

Carnival Cruise Line

Net Worth:  $15.85B

In particular, Carnival Cruise Line started in 1972 and offers cruises and vacation services on ships and on land. They have 24 ships that go to different places and offer fun things to do, places to eat, and stay, as well as activities on land. 

Moving on, the company’s planners and travel agents help people plan their trips and give them info about cruises and special deals. Therefore, it offers best travel agent jobs. 

Columbia Hospitality

Net Worth: $470.1 Million

Columbia Hospitality is a company that manages hotels and other places where people stay, like golf courses and conference centers. In particular, it offers best travel agent jobs. 

They started in 1995 and have properties in different states like California, Washington, and Hawaii. Despite this, the Columbia Hospitality also runs a call center to assist best travel agent jobs and in booking rooms, dining, and planning events. They offer remote jobs with salaries like:

  • Senior recruiter: $70,000–$85,000 a year


Net Worth: 714k

FROSCH started in 1972 and helps people plan their trips, events, and group travel. They offer services for vacations, cruises, and even special deals each week for different kinds of trips like wellness getaways or family vacations. 

The travel advisors at FROSCH look into popular places and trends to make sure they have good deals and offers for their clients, making them on a top-spot for the Best Travel Agent Jobs.

Halpern Travel

Net Worth: $6 Million

In particular, Halpern Travel started in 2013 and specializes in helping people find places to stay for sporting events. 

They work with hotels and other accommodation providers to help event organizers book rooms for attendees and athletes. Although, they have a website where you can look up and book rooms in advance, it has great salary packages which makes them Best Travel Agent Jobs place.


Net Worth: $5 billion

Hopper is a tech company that started in 2007. They make apps to help plan trips better. Their apps let you compare and book places to stay while traveling. In particular, Hopper also has travel agents and customer service to make sure users are happy with their experience.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Net Worth: $3.41B

Marriott Vacations Worldwide began in 1984 and offers hotels and places to stay in over 60 spots globally. Their remote travel agents, who work in the Marriott Vacation Club, help guests plan their vacations. 

They talk with guests over the phone, answering their questions and giving suggestions to help them book their trip. They offer remote jobs with salaries like:

  • Telephone sales representative: $53,000 a year


Net Worth: $3.45B

Tripadvisor started in 2000 and is a tech company. They have a travel website where you can find lots of helpful info for planning trips, like hotel prices, things to do, and help from online agents. 

The website collects details about hotels, events, restaurants, flights, and cruises, so you can compare them and plan your trip. Tripadvisor’s support agents talk with users on calls or messages to fix booking problems, sort out billing, or help with any travel issues. In particular, do check the best travel agent jobs there. 


Net Worth: $154.46 million

Vacasa is a vacation rental company that started in 2009. They help property managers, people who want to buy or sell properties, and guests looking for vacation rentals. Therefore, they have an online platform with travel agents who can help guests book vacation rentals. 

In particular, people in the best travel agent jobs talk to guests online to help them find and book the perfect rental for their trip. In particular they offer best travel agent jobs with salaries like:

  • Customer service: $19 an hour
  • Sales coordinator: $20–$24 an hour

Vail Resorts

Net Worth: $7.71B

Vail Resorts started in 1962 and has mountain resorts in North America and Australia. In particular, they’re all about winter vacations and making sure everyone, guests and workers, stay safe in the snow. 

In particular, if you’re new to the company, they might offer you a place to stay or a chance to work from home in your first year.

World Travel Holdings

Net Worth: $1.01B

World Travel Holdings started in 2003 and focuses on helping people plan cruises and other fun trips. Although, they own some cruise ships and work with airlines, hotels, and other websites to give people great travel options.

In particular, if you work for them from home, they’ll give you up to $250 back for the equipment you need to set up your home office.

Wrap Up

And that’s the wrap on some of the best travel agent jobs in the US. If you’re applying for a job nearby, make sure that it best suites with your skills and expertise. Therefore, Thank you for sticking around. Your love and support is all that matters to us. In particular, if you have any questions regarding the content, please, do let us know down in the comment section.


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