best travel case for camera [Cams and Cases Combined]

I’ve been carrying a camera on my trips since 2006. Over the years, I’ve switched cameras, changed my camera bags, and adjusted to different needs. Yup, we’re gonna be talking about the best travel case for camera.

But after ten years of travel photography, I’ve found a few camera bags that I like and keep using.

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I’ve switched my camera gear four times in the last year and a half, but now I feel like I’ve figured out what works best for me after learning a lot.

So, I want to share what I’ve learned about camera gear and travel case for vlogging! Let’s kick off with the best cameras first, shall we?

Best Cameras

Sony a7III

This is the camera we mainly use for our photos. It has some great features and fits in one-too-many travel case:

  • Full Frame Sensor: It captures lots of details in colors and shading, making it good for editing. It’s also great for videos.
  • Strong Build: It’s tough and can handle moisture and other tough conditions.
  • Good for Photos and Videos: It’s versatile and works well for both.
  • Lots of Ports: It has headphone and USB ports, and dual memory card slots.
  • Image Stabilization: This helps keep your shots steady, especially for videos, and make sure it fits in your travel case.
  • Better Autofocus: It tracks objects well and focuses quickly.

It’s pricier than some other cameras, but it’s worth it for high-quality content. If you want a top-notch camera, this one is a great choice!

Sony a7C

This is the camera I use most for my stuff. We swapped our Sony a7III for this one! It’s smaller than the a7III and a7sIII. It’s good for both photos and videos, especially in low light, and has better autofocus, fits in any travel case. 

When I help Sammy with videos, this camera is perfect for backup shots. It’s great for everything, and I love the results of what I shoot with it. It costs about $1800 new, so there’s enough budget space for a travel case.

  • Compact Size: Perfect for backpacking and traveling.
  • Full Frame Sensor: Captures lots of color and detail, good for editing.
  • Great Autofocus: It focuses well. So, it’s great for low-light photography, and travel case.

Best Cases

Peak Design Sling Camera Bag

For travel cases, this sling is great for carrying your stuff when you’re out and about, whether it’s everyday things or your camera gear. I love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag, which is awesome for traveling. 

It looks more like a purse and can hold your camera and other stuff while you’re exploring a city. Plus, the padded strap across your body has a quick adjuster. You can loosen it when you need to grab your travel case and tighten it up when you’re on the move, like hiking or biking.

Lowepro Photo Sport Backpack

This bag has a special spot for your camera and lens, plus another lens for travel case. It can fit a 70-300mm zoom lens, but not much bigger. If you have more lenses, you can store them in other parts of the bag, but they won’t be as safe. There’s also a strap inside the camera area to hold your camera in place.

You can get to your camera without putting your bag down. Just take the backpack off one shoulder, swing it around, and you can reach your camera easily.

N2 Canvas Bag

Daniel James from Layer Culture loves the N2 Canvas case. He used it in Colombia and has no regrets:

When I first traveled around South America, I didn’t have a proper bag for my camera gear. However, after trying out different options, I found the Caden N2 canvas bag to be the best. 

It’s just the right size of travel case for carrying during the day and sturdy enough to hold my Sony A7, flash, lenses, charger, and cables.

With so many camera bags out there, it can be hard to pick the right one. But for me, this bag is perfect for keeping my gear safe and looking good. I took it to Colombia, and it never let me down, always coming back home in one piece.

If you have any questions about the bag or if you have your favorite, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Camera Backpack vs Sling Bag for Travel

I like using a sling bag for traveling because it’s not too big and keeps my camera easy to reach. Even though I carry two cameras and three lenses, everything fits in the sling bag without needing a bigger case. Plus, you can use the sling bag like a mini table to hold your camera while you change lenses.

If you have more or bigger gear than I do, you might need a backpack for travel case made just for carrying cameras when you travel.

I haven’t tried many cases for cameras, but I’ve heard good things about the one from Peak Design, and the LowePro case one is popular too, especially for hiking and outdoor activities.

Enter Shimoda Camera Backpacks for Adventure Photographers

In 2017, a company called Shimoda became my favorite for backup gear and travel case. Their backpack had everything I needed when I wanted to upgrade my camera bag. Now, they offer bags in different sizes for different situations.

The Shimoda Action X30 case is almost perfect for me. It’s been really useful, especially with the medium core unit.

Because it has so many features and can fit different types of trips, the Shimoda Action X30 travel case is my favorite camera backpack. Sometimes, I also use the Shimoda Explore 40 when I need to bring more gear. It’s easy to switch the camera core unit between the two bags, so I can keep my stuff organized the same way.

Buying Guide For Travel Case For Camera

  • Consider the size: Ensure the travel case fits your camera and any additional equipment comfortably.
  • Rugged and Durable: Look for a sturdy case that can withstand bumps and protect your gear.
  • Accessibility is key: Choose a case that allows easy access to your camera when you need it.
  • Portability counts: Opt for a lightweight and compact case for hassle-free travel.
  • Weather resistance is a plus: Select a travel case that offers protection against rain and other elements.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap on the best travel case for a camera. If you have any questions about the products, do let us know, in the comment section below. With that being said, thanks for stopping by for a two-minute read. Seriously, THANK YOU!

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