Meta AI V/s Chat GPT: The Battle Of AI Assistants [2024]

Facebook has finally dished out an AI assistant match against GPT’s Open AI. Meet Meta AI, the new fast-paced AI text assistant that takes image/text based content, and does some llama 3 magic.

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Since then Meta AI has become a popular AI feat in being a convenient tool for searching, fact-checking, and what-so-over Chat GPT does, Meta tries to supersede that. So, if you’re in the game to see who will prevail, this guide is for you

Meta AI

In particular, Meta AI, formerly known as FAIR, was rebranded when Facebook transitioned to Meta. It’s an intelligent assistant available globally. Integrated seamlessly into Meta’s platforms, Meta AI is a free tool. 

Additionally, with features like image generation, it’s proving to be advanced. Currently, there’s no option to disable Meta AI. It’s undergoing beta testing on WhatsApp. Moreover, Meta AI’s availability extends to its website. 

Additionally, Meta AI offers expanded capabilities beyond chat. It’s built on Meta Llama 3, a cutting-edge model. This intelligent assistant facilitates complex reasoning and problem-solving. You can access Meta AI within Meta’s apps or at It’s available in select countries, with more to come. 

With Meta AI, users can expand their knowledge, get tasks done, and enhance creativity. Whether in group chats or on social media feeds, Meta AI enriches interactions. Accessible through smart glasses, apps, and the web, Meta AI ensures convenience.

How Can I Use Meta AI

Chat gpt meta ai
Meta AI

Meta AI is the latest chatbot from Meta, fitting right into Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. It’s easy to spot Meta AI, as it’s woven into search and messaging across these apps.

But turning it off completely might be tough. However, you can hide it in WhatsApp and mute its replies in other apps.

To begin with Meta AI, type in any app’s search bar. If you’re new to AI chatbots, ask simple questions first. Meta AI is for fun, not serious tasks, so have fun with it, but don’t count on it for important things.

What Are The Uses Of Meta

In particular, Meta AI provides various features to users, offering unique advantages over other AI models. Many uses of Meta put it in a competitive position in the Meta AI Chat GPT

  • Emotion Analysis
  • Knowledge Base Dialog Management
  • Creative Tools
  • Text Categorization
  • Language
  • Understanding Content Creation
  • Image Generation

Chat GPT

Chat GPT Meta AI
Chat GPT 

In particular, both Chat GPT and Meta AI employ advanced algorithms for natural language processing, but they diverge in their specialties. Chat GPT primarily focuses on generating humanlike dialogue, whereas Meta AI offers a broader range of features. 

Therefore, Meta AI encompasses tasks beyond conversation, such as image generation and code creation. However, both platforms excel in enhancing user experience through their respective capabilities. 

Particularly, ChatGPT’s strength lies in its conversational abilities, while Meta AI’s versatility extends to research assistance, content generation, and more. Despite their differences, both platforms contribute to the advancement of AI technology and serve various user needs. 

Many Uses of Chat GPT

In particular, many uses of ChatGPT put it in a competitive position in the Meta AI Chat GPT battle:

  • Context Understanding
  • Continuous Learning
  • Language Understanding
  • Real-Time Interaction
  • Wide Knowledge Base
  • Task Performance
  • Customization
  • API Integration
  • Creative Content Generation
  • Conversational Abilities

Difference Between Meta AI & Chat GPT

Here are some differences between Meta AI Chat GPT that you probably didn’t know:

Aspect Meta AI ChatGPT
Parent Company Meta (formerly Facebook) OpenAI
Primary Function Assist and augment human capabilities Generate human-like conversational dialogue
Launch Date Rolled out alongside Meta rebrand in 2023 Launched in November 2022 by OpenAI
Core Features Image generation, real-time information access, multi-platform integration Language understanding, continuous learning, conversational abilities
Training Data Trained with various data sources, possibly including user interactions on meta platforms Trained with online text and transcripts, possibly including diverse conversational datasets

Meta AI features that ChatGPT does not have

Meta AI Chat GPT are quite synonymous but different, read on to know more:

  • Meta AI helps with research by summarizing information and answering questions.
  • Meta AI lets you create chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • It can make code snippets.
  • It gives templates for making content, like social media posts.
  • Meta AI handles conversations and follows up with questions.


Q.1. How does Meta AI work?

Similar to other AI tools, Meta AI can create text and images when you ask it to. It’s handy for many things, like getting ideas for home decor, studying, or finding a restaurant.

Q.2. How do I turn off the Meta AI chatbot?

Meta AI said in a chat that there’s no way to turn off the feature. But you can still search as usual to see different results.

Q.3. What can Meta AI do in WhatsApp?

You can make lots of images for free with Meta AI. Just type “/imagine” and describe what you want. However, sometimes the images aren’t perfect, with mistakes in faces or limbs. But overall, it works well.

Wrap Up

In the battle for Meta AI Chat GPT, Meta appears superior to ChatGPT due to various factors, striving to maintain its lead in AI innovation. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, emphasized this in his interview with Alex Heath, a deputy editor. 

Additionally, Heath further elaborated on Meta AI’s aim to become the smartest AI assistant. To achieve this, Meta plans to unveil Llama 3, its next significant open-source model version. Llama 3 aims to provide users with an immersive experience. 

Additionally, in terms of Meta AI Chat GPT Llama 3 strengthens Meta AI’s real-time capabilities to compete with ChatGPT effectively. As ChatGPT plans to introduce updates and new features like text-to-video, the competition intensifies. 

Despite this, the future remains uncertain, but Meta seems to have secured its position as a trendsetter in AI language models.

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