What Is Mike Tyson’s Net Worth [2024]

We all know and love Mike Tyson, he’s been part of our action-packed childhood. And he’s garnered some big ones in the savings account, hasn’t he? Get ready to learn about Mike Tyson net worth.

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In this two-minute guide, we’ll be going through Mike Tyson net worth — before the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight hits the broadcast.

Mike Tyson’s Net Worth

In 2024, Mike Tyson’s estimated net worth is around $10 million, a big drop from his peak of $250 million. As he gets ready to fight Jake Paul, fans wonder if all that is a big money shot. Some guesses suggest Mike Tyson net worth could earn close to $20 million at 58 years old, anything goes. Therefore, it could mean a big plus for Mike Tyson net worth.

Throughout the years (1986 to 2024)

Here’s a breakdown of Mike Tyson’s estimated net worth from a young performer to a boxing prodigy:

Year Net Worth
1986 $10 million
1990 $50 million
1995 $150 million
2000 $200 million
2005 $250 million
2010 $200 million
2015 $150 million
2020 $20 million
2024 $10 million

Although Mike Tyson net worth has seen millions in throwing punches, he was considered bad for broadcast as people who waited patiently for the fight to begin, we’re left off with a two-minute K.O. (in some cases it was eight seconds, no kidding!).

Mike Tyson Lifestyle

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, lives a lavish lifestyle filled with luxury and extravagance. Despite facing financial ups and downs, Tyson’s lifestyle remains fascinating to many. Known for his love of fast cars, Tyson owns a vast collection including luxurious vehicles, all thanks to the whopping Mike Tyson net worth. 

His homes are no less impressive, reflecting his taste for opulence and comfort. Additionally, Tyson’s passion for exotic pets is evident, with him owning three white Royal Bengal tigers, adding to his unique lifestyle.

Beyond material possessions, Tyson indulges in unconventional hobbies like pigeon racing, a childhood passion that he continues to pursue. 

Despite his tumultuous past, Tyson has found stability in his personal life, residing with his family in Henderson, Nevada. 

Moreover, Tyson’s transition from the boxing ring to coaching and acting further enriches his lifestyle, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in Mike Tyson net worth.

While Tyson’s financial journey has seen its share of setbacks, his resilience and ability to reinvent himself continue to captivate audiences worldwide. 

From his days as “Iron Mike” to his coaching debut and involvement in Hollywood projects, Tyson’s lifestyle remains an intriguing aspect of his enduring legacy. So, let’s off-track from Mike Tyson net worth at the moment. And focus on something more recent.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul (Thoughts)

We figured Mike Tyson net worth isn’t the only thing, we’re all interested in. And so, we’re here to give our two cents on this pay-per-view fight. Many fans think it’s unreasonable of YouTuber Jake Paul to call out a boxing legend Tyson AT&T Stadium, especially of the age difference. Mike, who is doing 57, is meant to go after Jake Paul, who is 27.

I mean, honestly, to a non-boxing crazy, this might sound too much of a difference, but hear us out. Back in 88’ Tyson fought Larry Holmes. And the age disparity back then was seventeen years! Yup, 17! Tyson was as young as 21 and went after Holme’s profile, who was 38.

We are coming back to Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s fight. As we all know, the game is slated for July 20, 2024. And will be broadcast live on Netflix. Tyson, the former heavyweight champ, is gearing up for a battle against the YouTube sensation turned-boxer, Jake Paul. 

Recent training videos show Tyson’s dedication and intensity, despite his admitted nerves. Fans are expecting fireworks as these two fighters clash in the ring. While some may doubt the match’s legitimacy, the anticipation continues to grow. 

Tyson’s legendary status combined with Paul’s marketing savvy promises to make this event one for the books. With the fight just a few months away, fans are eagerly counting down the days, eager to witness the shocker unfold. Get ready for a fight night you won’t want to miss!


Q.1. What is Mike Tyson’s financial status?

Sportico reports that Tyson is the eighteenth richest athlete ever, making around $905 million when considering inflation. His money comes from different places like fight winnings, sponsorships, and TV appearances.

Q.2. What did Mike Tyson use to be worth?

Tyson made more than $250 million from boxing, but he lost everything in the end. Forbes says he might have earned up to $685 million during his career, but he didn’t save much. In 2003, he went broke and said he owed $23 million. This meant no Mike Tyson net worth at that time.

Q.3. How much money will Mike Tyson make against Jake Paul?

Great question. Despite what some people say Tyson will get $20 million for the fight, but nothing is confirmed. Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will fight on July 20 at AT&T Stadium. It means a heavy lift on Mike’s net-worth that’s for sure!

Q.4. What is Mike Tyson’s record?

Mike Tyson record is 50 fights and six losses. He knocked out 44 opponents with his powerful punches. Tyson’s strength in punching helped him knock out 33 of his first 37 opponents. 

This made him the youngest-ever heavyweight champion and the first undisputed heavyweight champion with three belts.

Q.5. How does Mike Tyson make money?

Nowadays, Tyson is doing much better financially. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s worth about $10 million. This is mostly because of his fight with Jones and his successful podcast and cannabis ventures.

Q.6. Why did Mike Tyson have debt?

During his 20s and 30s, Tyson spent a lot, splurging on drugs, women, jewelry, cars, mansions, and even a pet tiger. All these fancy purchases led to him owing a whopping $23 million in debt against Mike Tyson net worth.

Q.7. When did Tyson retire?

“Iron Mike” Tyson was the champ from 1987-90, winning 50 fights, 44 by knockout, before retiring in 2005. Despite his retirement Mike Tyson net worth didn’t do too well.

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