The Crazy Affordable Vacation of Your Dreams

We all love a nice beach vacation overseas, but the only hiccup is it’s very expensive! In this post, we will share some Crazy affordable vacation spots you can head on to without sinking your budget. Airfares have skyrocketed, and hotel costs have gone so far that we can’t imagine a sun-and-sand getaway this summer vacation. Well, not anymore. 

Finding the Best Deals for Cheap Beach Vacations

Looking to score the cheapest beach vacations near me? Check out these 5-line tips to book accommodations that won’t break the bank! Plus, discover when the best deals for cheap beach vacations drop – all based on the data you’ve got! 

  1. Surf for the best deals: Search for online promotions and last-minute deals, and you might hit the jackpot. 
  2. Beat the Crowds: Choose off-peak times for lower prices and a quieter yet budget-friendly beach experience to score on the best international family vacation destination deals.
  3. Set Price Alerts: Keep an eye on prices. When the numbers drop, you can pounce on the perfect deal!
  4. Go Midweek: Plan your beach getaway for midweek stays because that’s when accommodations offer more attractive rates than on weekends.
  5. Check-in around: Go for budget-friendly options like hostels, cheapest oceanfront rentals, or cozy beachside cabins to maximize your budget.

Top Destinations for Cheap Beach Vacations

   Here are some of the crazy affordable vacation spots for beach people:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico — Affordable flights, stunning beaches, and rich history.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — Myrtle Beach rentals under $500 easily make it the most affordable vacation spot in the US. Endless shores and family fun without breaking the bank. 
  • Crete, Greece — Instagram-worthy beauty at wallet-friendly prices that make it the most affordable vacation spot outside the US.
  • Anna Maria Island, Florida, US — Beautiful condos, and pristine beaches make it without a question what’s the most affordable gulf vacation spot.

Cheap Beach Vacations for Families

Worried when you hear ‘cheap beach vacations’? We get it, and we’ve all had our share of budget misadventures – like turning the family van into a seaside camper. 


Kudos for the adventure, but we assure you that your cheap beach vacations on a budget trip aren’t a flop. Here are some of the must-see vacations for family of 4 under $1000 ideas you can’t miss out on:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Cheap flights from the U.S.
  • Historic charm, public beaches, and tasty bites.
  • Stay classy or go budget-friendly.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • 60+ miles of free beach fun.
  • Mini-golf capital with epic rides.
  • Walk your way to savings.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  • Wide, white sands, fewer crowds.
  • Outdoor adventures for all.
  • Culture-rich, budget-wise beach getaway.

Cheap Beach Vacations for Couples

Not all places are family-only spots. You can also find sensual yet cheap beach vacations for couples in the States and overseas. Here are a few of our favorite crazy affordable vacation spots for couples:

Cannon Beach, Oregon

  • It is one of the most affordable vacation spots in the US.
  • Pristine coastline, perfect for hand-in-hand walks.
  • The rugged Pacific Ocean views the cheap vacation spots on the East Coast and condos.
  • Artsy charm and a picturesque setting.

Willemstad, Curacao

  • Pastel-hued Dutch colonial architecture and white sands.
  • Affordable villas and a less touristy atmosphere.
  • Delicious Creole cuisine and cultural richness.

Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Honeymoon paradise with first-class facilities.
  • Budget-friendly options near beautiful beaches.
  • It is ideal for couples seeking relaxation and adventure.

Cheap Beach Vacations for Solo Travelers

Going solo this time? Here are a few recommended options for cheap beach vacations international:

South Korea

Flights from New York City: Cheap beach vacations with airfare starting at just US$526.

Safety: Exercise normal precautions.

South Korea offers more affordable options for flights and on-the-ground expenses. Seoul is 30% less than New York City and is easily one of the best non beach vacation areas.

Łódź, Poland

Flights from New York City: Starting at US$570.

Safety: Exercise normal precautions.

Łódź is known for its architecture, street art, museums, and art galleries. It’s an up-and-coming city with cultural attractions like the EC1 cultural space.


Flights from New York City: Starting at US$209.

Safety: Exercise normal precautions.

Houston offers a unique opportunity to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The city has a Museum District with 19 museums, many of which are free to visit.

Eco-Friendly Cheap Beach Vacations

This might not be on your list, but trust us, it’s a must-have. Here are the top 3 eco-friendly beach destinations for 2023:


Houston, Texas, USA: Houston invites you to the 51st anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s budget-friendly and offers a galaxy of free activities, with a constellation of museums in its Museum District. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable getaways in Texas.


Argentina: Explore Argentina’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, from Glaciers National Park to Iguazu Falls. Tango in the vibrant Buenos Aires while keeping your budget in check – it’s a safe bet!


Fiji: Although it may be slightly more expensive, Fiji is known for its pristine beaches and eco-friendly initiatives. Once there, you can enjoy a climate-conscious beach vacation in a beautiful island paradise.

Cheap Beach Vacations with Great Food

When discussing beaches, we get a picture of sea sides and seagulls, right? Well, there’s more to it than that. Some amazing beach spots around the globe come with delicious cuisine. Try these cheap beach vacations with great food:

Sayulita, Mexico

  • Affordable flights to Puerto Vallarta.
  • Tranquil beaches and unique shops.
  • Build-your-own vacation approach.
  • Ideal for a relaxing getaway.


New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  • Wide, white-sand beaches with fewer crowds.
  • Local culture, outdoor adventures, and eco-tourism.
  • Activities such as boat tours and exploring the charming town.
  • Relaxing and secluded tropical beach getaway.

Cape Town, South Africa

  • Travel during the U.S. summer for budget-friendly prices.
  • Favorable exchange rate for the U.S. dollar.
  • Affordable multi-course meals and excursions.
  • Stylish hotel and apartment rentals under $100 per night.
  • Cold beaches are perfect for surfers and adventurers.

Activities and Entertainment on Cheap Beach Vacations

Beach vacations can cost a fortune, but don’t worry. You can keep your sun-kissed spirits high without breaking the bank.

  • Walking and Cycling Tours: Explore the area, learn from locals, and make friends while staying active.
  • Beach Picnics: Upgrade your beach days with tasty snacks and games.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Views: Enjoy mesmerizing beach moments at no extra cost.
  • Local Cuisine Tasting: Try fresh seafood and local dishes on a budget.
  • Water Sports: Dive into affordable adventures like kayaking and surfing. Have a blast at the beach!

FAQs: Cheap Beach Vacations

1. What are the top strategies for finding the best deals on cheap beach vacations?

Before you travel to some of the best places to travel by month, we recommend you go off-season, opt for accommodations, and plan with a budget-friendly sinking fund. These are top strategies to score great deals on the best places to visit in July outside India.

2. How can solo travelers ensure safety while enjoying a budget-friendly beach vacation?


Solo travelers on a budget can check into reputable resorts, avoid alcohol, and seek out group activities for a secure experience on your crazy affordable vacations.

Wrap up

So, to sum things up, crazy affordable vacations are possible. With our tips on affordable check-ins, off-peak travel, and wallet-friendly destinations, you can enjoy the sand and surf without emptying your pockets. 

Whether you’re with a family, your partner, or planning to be a solo traveler, there’s a cheap beach vacation option for everyone in this blog, and it is complemented by delicious local cuisine without having to pay for big ones. 

So, go right ahead and plan for the most affordable vacation spots using our guide.


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