Top 10 High School Virtual Internships for Students

High school students eagerly welcome the power of internships as a gateway to real-world experiences. These high school virtual internships for students have opportunities that extend beyond the confines of classrooms, providing invaluable insights into future careers. 

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, internships have transformed, opening new doors for high schoolers through virtual platforms.

This article explores various high school virtual internships, highlighting their importance, benefits, and the opportunities they offer.

Benefits of Virtual Internships for High School Students 2023

Enhancing College Applications

The capacity of virtual internships to improve college applications is one of their main benefits. Entrance committees give preference to applicants who show initiative and real-world experience. Participating in them shows initiative and distinguishes candidates

Acquiring Practical Skills

Through practical learning experiences like virtual internships, students gain skills critical to their future jobs. These abilities include collaboration, time management, and efficient communication, as well as problem-solving. 

Completing practical assignments in a virtual setting enables students to prepare for the demands of the working world.

Exploring Different Career Paths

The exposure to various professions that high school virtual internships offer is one of their main advantages. By enabling them to investigate several job options, students may make well-informed judgments regarding their future pursuits. 


They obtain a thorough grasp of their areas of interest by working on projects about various sectors, which helps students to match their educational objectives with their professional aspirations.

Overcoming Geographical Barriers

Virtual internships eliminate geographical barriers, enabling students to participate in opportunities that were previously inaccessible. 


Regardless of their location, high schoolers can now engage in internships offered by organizations and companies from different parts of the world. This newfound accessibility broadens their horizons and promotes a global perspective.

Top 10 High School Virtual Internships

Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Science Program (JHIBS)

The Johns Hopkins Internship in Brain Science Program offers an inclusive platform for bright high school students interested in neurological sciences. This virtual program provides mentorship, research opportunities, and professional development sessions. 


Students engage in projects, scientific seminars, and discussions, gaining hands-on experience in brain science.

Ladder Internship Program

The Ladder Internship Program opens doors to many sectors for high school students. From technology and finance to healthcare and environmental science, students can explore their interests. 

This program emphasizes real-world projects and mentorship, ensuring participants gain valuable insights into their chosen fields.

EnergyMag Research Internship

EnergyMag’s Research Internship is an excellent opportunity for high school and college students interested in renewable energy. 

Participants get into research related to specific companies, technologies, and markets within the renewable energy sector. It enhances analytical skills and provides a deep understanding of the industry’s insides.

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship

High school students have a rare opportunity to participate in museum projects about Asian-Pacific American history and culture through the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internship. 

Research, exhibition development, outreach, and marketing are among the responsibilities that interns perform. This experience provides insight into museum operations and cultural preservation.

United Planet Virtual Internship

United Planet’s Virtual Internship Program offers flexibility and exposure to high school students. Participants volunteer virtually across various areas, including health services, environmental sustainability, education, and community development. 

This program supports teamwork and cultural understanding, preparing students for a globally connected world.

Building-U Internship

Building-U’s Internship focuses on community impact. High school students contribute to ongoing projects and assist in administrative roles. 

This experience enhances organizational skills, creates a sense of responsibility, and encourages community engagement. Participants gain practical insights into non-profit initiatives and social welfare programs.

Medicine Encompassed

High school students interested in a career in medicine can apply for internships through Medicine Encompassed, a nonprofit organization managed by students. Interns are employed in writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, sponsorships, and other departments. 

Students may contribute significantly to the organization via this practical experience, exposing them to various medical and healthcare-related topics.

Meaningful Teams Teaching Programs

Meaningful Teams Teaching Programs focus on education and community welfare. High school students contribute to projects that support women, children, and underrepresented communities. 

By tutoring, conducting literacy workshops, and offering tutoring lessons, participants make a difference in the lives of others. This experience promotes empathy, leadership, and a sense of social responsibility.

Forage Virtual Work Experience

Forage facilitates virtual work experience programs that connect students with major businesses. These programs provide insights into various industries and allow students to collaborate with industry experts. Participants work on real-world projects, gaining practical skills and enhancing their resumes. Engaging with Fortune 500 companies prepares students for the corporate world.

NASA High School Internship Program

NASA’s High School Internship Program offers opportunities for students passionate about space exploration. Participants work on different projects and gain insights into NASA’s groundbreaking initiatives. 

This program, conducted virtually, allows students to interact with professionals and engage themselves in space science.

Tips for High School Students

Doing the Virtual Internship Search

Finding the right paid internships for high school students requires proactive efforts. Students can utilize online platforms, connect with mentors, and seek guidance from teachers and career counselors. 

Researching thoroughly and aligning internship choices with personal interests is crucial. Networking and exploring various avenues enhance the chances of finding suitable opportunities.

Preparing for Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews demand preparation and confidence. Students can practice mock interviews with peers or mentors to refine their communication skills. Seeking feedback and making necessary improvements is essential. 

During interviews, presenting oneself genuinely and showcasing enthusiasm for the chosen field creates a positive impression.

Final Words

High school virtual internships are more than just resume boosters; they are transformative experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the professional world. By engaging in these opportunities, students acquire practical skills, gain exposure to different fields, and develop a global perspective. 

Adopting these experiences, high school students experience learning, growth, and meaningful contributions, shaping a promising future for themselves and their world.


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