Top 16 Journalism Internships for High School Students 2023-24

In the exciting world of journalism, high school students can unlock numerous opportunities to dive into hands-on experiences. These journalism internships for high school students not only nurture skills but also open doors to a future in the dynamic field of media. 

Let’s take a closer look at some internships that cater specifically to high schoolers, offering them a chance to develop, connect, and prepare for a journey in journalism.

Georgetown Creative Writing Academy Media Internships for High School Students

The Georgetown Creative Writing Academy provides a platform for aspiring writers to transform their ideas, dreams, and stories into compelling written works. 

With lectures by distinguished literary figures, dynamic courses, and productive feedback from peers, the program emphasizes not only the craft of writing but also the publishing and professionalization aspects of the industry.

Why It’s Valuable:

Distinguished Literary Figures: Learn from lectures by esteemed literary figures in the Washington D.C. area.

Peer Feedback: Receive productive feedback from peers to refine your writing skills.

Publishing and Professionalization Focus: Explore funding opportunities, job prospects, and publishing avenues in the writing industry.

The New York Times NYC Summer Academy

Ever dreamed of spending two weeks in the heart of New York City, exploring the fields of journalism, media, and technology? The New York Times NYC Summer Academy is your ticket. This program, designed by the New York Times, offers high school students a hands-on experience. 

Workshops and seminars led by Times journalists provide insights into reporting, writing, video production, and data visualization. Plus, you get to visit newsrooms, attend cultural events, and connect with students worldwide.

Why It’s Awesome:

Real-World Challenges: Tackle projects mirroring actual challenges faced by news organizations today.

Global Interaction: Interact with students from around the world, broadening your perspective.

Learning: Engage in activities like reporting, writing, and video production for a holistic experience.

The Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop

If you’re inclined towards creative writing, the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop offers a two-week summer haven. High school students get into fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, working alongside professional writers. 

Whether on the Kenyon College campus in Ohio or in online workshops, this program provides a nurturing and challenging environment for young writers.

What’s Cool About It:

Creative Exploration: Explore creative writing in various forms – fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

Professional Guidance: Work with professional writers to enhance your skills.

Flexible Options: Attend on-campus or online workshops, making them accessible for all.

The Washington Journalism and Media Conference – Journalism Internships For High School Students

Hosted by George Mason University in Washington D.C., the Washington Journalism and Media Conference offers a week-long adventure for high school students. Workshops and seminars, led by industry professionals and academic experts, cover the vast landscape of media platforms. 

From print to broadcast to digital, participants gain insights into the role of journalism in a democratic society, making it a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Why It’s Worth It

Media Platforms Exploration: Learn about various media platforms, from print to digital.

Real-World Exposure: Visit newsrooms, attend press briefings, and meet media executives.

Comprehensive Learning: Gain insights into journalism’s role in a democratic society.

LA Times High School Insider

The LA Times High School Insider journalism internships for high school students 2023 program offers high school students an opportunity to contribute to the LA Times. 

Whether through school partnerships or individual submissions, students work on writing assignments, receive feedback from editors, and see their work published on the High School Insider website.

What Makes It Special:

Real Newsroom Experience: Contribute to writing assignments and experience a real newsroom environment.

Editorial Feedback: Receive valuable feedback from seasoned editors to improve your skills.

Publication Opportunity: Get a chance to see your work published on the High School Insider website.

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Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are a prestigious platform for middle and high school students to showcase their creative works. With 28 categories, including short stories, personal essays, poetry, and screenplays, students can receive local and national recognition, along with awards, exhibitions, and scholarships.

Why It’s a Big Deal:

Wide Range of Categories: Submit your work in various categories, from short stories to poetry.

National Recognition: Get a chance to be recognized both locally and nationally for your creative endeavors.

Scholarship Opportunities: National Medalists are eligible for scholarships up to $12,500.

Northwestern Medill Cherubs Program

The Northwestern Medill Cherubs Program extends a four-week invitation to high school students passionate about journalism. Hosted by the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, this program dives into reporting, writing, editing, and multimedia production. 

With experienced faculty and industry professionals as guides, students not only learn but also put their skills to the test in a supportive environment.

What Makes It Stand Out:

Engaging Experience: Get hands-on experience in reporting, writing, and multimedia production.

Experienced Guidance: Learn from faculty and professionals in the journalism industry.

Mentorship: Benefit from mentorship opportunities to shape your journalistic journey.

Boston University Creative Writing Program

The BU Creative Writing Program invites rising juniors and seniors to a three-week intensive program. Engage in writing workshops, craft discussions, and literary readings, all while exploring a college-level curriculum. 

This program not only improves your writing skills but also provides a glimpse into the world of college-level academics.

What to Expect

Intensive Writing Workshops: Participate in workshops that focus on various aspects of creative writing.

Literary Exploration: Engage in literary readings and discussions to broaden your literary horizons.

College-Level Exposure: Explore a college-level curriculum and earn college credit during the program.


YoungArts opens its doors to talented high school students ages 15-18 in various disciplines, including writing. Winners are invited to weeklong programs and workshops in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. 

Finalists have the chance to attend National YoungArts Week and may be nominated as U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts, with the possibility of receiving financial awards up to $10,000.

Why It’s Awesome:

Multidisciplinary Opportunities: Choose from disciplines like Classical Music, Dance, Design Arts, Film, Jazz, Photography, Theater, Visual Arts, Voice, and Writing.

National Recognition: Finalists can be nominated as U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts, a prestigious honor.

Financial Awards: Eligible for financial awards of up to $10,000, providing support for your artistic journey.

Columbia University Summer Journalism Workshop

Hosted by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Columbia University Summer Journalism Workshop is a summer program for high school students. 

The workshop allows students to practice and improve their journalism skills, providing insights into publishing strategies. With both in-person and virtual options, this workshop is a stepping stone for aspiring journalists.

Why It’s Worth It:

Skill Enhancement: Practice and improve your journalism skills through hands-on activities.

Rethink Publishing Strategies: Gain insights into effective publishing strategies in the evolving media landscape.

Flexible Options: Choose between in-person and virtual options, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Princeton Summer Journalism Internships For High School Students

The Princeton Summer Journalism Program extends beyond a typical summer experience. This unique program provides high-achieving, low-income students with the opportunity to explore the field of journalism through a year-long virtual course. 

The curriculum, developed in collaboration with Princeton University faculty, covers various aspects of journalism, including writing, reporting, and multimedia production.

The Blank Theatre Young Playwrights Festival

The Blank Theatre Young Playwrights Festival is an annual event celebrating the works of young and emerging playwrights. 

Open to all high school students in the United States, winners have the opportunity to see their plays performed by professional actors in a fully staged production. The festival aims to nurture young writers, promoting the significance of theatre in our culture.

What Makes It Special:

Staged Productions: Winners get to see their plays performed by professional actors in a fully staged production.

Recognition and Support: The festival has been recognized by prestigious organizations, offering support to young playwrights.

Cultural Significance: Promotes the importance of theatre in our culture and provides a platform for emerging voices.

Columbia University Writing Academy Journalism Internships For High Schoolers

The Columbia University Writing Academy offers dynamic two-week journalism internships for high school students for those seeking to harness the power of writing. Through engaging workshops and tutorials, students learn innovative writing techniques, from brainstorming to drafting to revising. 

The program emphasizes each stage of the essay writing process, providing comprehensive feedback from an experienced teaching team.

What Stands Out:

Innovative Writing Techniques: Learn cutting-edge writing techniques to enhance your skills.

Comprehensive Essay Writing Process: Explore every stage of the essay writing process, from brainstorming to revising.

Experienced Guidance: Receive comprehensive feedback from an experienced teaching team to refine your writing skills.

Stanford Summer Humanities Institute

The Stanford Summer Humanities Institute offers residential journalism internships for high school students 2024 program spanning three weeks. It invites rising high school juniors and seniors to engage in in-depth seminars led by Stanford professors, exploring core questions at the heart of the humanities. 

Writing workshops are part of the program, allowing high school students to hone their writing skills.

What Makes It Engaging:

In-Depth Seminars: Engage in seminars led by Stanford professors, exploring fundamental questions in the humanities.

Writing Workshops: Better your writing skills through dedicated writing workshops as part of the program.

Stanford Experience: Get a taste of the Stanford experience, studying alongside motivated peers and experienced faculty.

The Adroit Journal Prizes for Poetry and Prose

The Adroit Journal Prizes for Poetry and Prose are annual writing competitions recognizing outstanding young writers in high school and college. Organized by The Adroit Journal, these contests cover poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Winners not only receive a cash prize but also get published in The Adroit Journal and receive mentorship from established writers in their genre.

What’s Different About It:

Annual Writing Competitions: Participate in annual competitions recognizing excellence in poetry and prose.

Cash Prizes: Winners receive cash prizes for their outstanding work.

Mentorship Opportunities: Benefit from mentorship by established writers in your genre, fostering your growth as a writer.

What Sets It Apart:

Long-Term Engagement: Engage yourself in journalism through a year-long virtual course, allowing for comprehensive learning.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Princeton University faculty and experienced journalists.

Diversity and Inclusion: The program prioritizes inclusion, providing opportunities to high-achieving students with limited financial resources.

Final Words

There are many journalism internships for high school students to learn and grow. These experiences help young writers and reporters develop important skills while opening doors to future careers. 

Whether it’s reporting in New York City or exploring creative writing, these opportunities connect students with peers and professionals, making journalism accessible to everyone.

These programs not only teach valuable skills but also celebrate the voices of young writers. They offer chances to see your work published and connect with mentors. No matter your background or financial situation, these opportunities aim to make journalism and creative writing inclusive and inspiring for all high school students. 

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