Samsung College Program 2023-2024

The Samsung College Program stands out as an incredible way for students to not only involve themselves in the recognizable Samsung brand but also to create their own story within the tech sector in the ever-evolving world of technology, where impact and invention go hand in hand. 

Imagine the doors that open as we begin our investigation of the Samsung College Program: a combination of experience, advantages, and the opportunity to play a significant role in the development of a well-known international brand.

Samsung College Ambassador Program

Description and Benefits

Imagine being more than a student – envision becoming a campus influencer, not just for the sake of it, but as a sponsored ambassador for Samsung. The Samsung College Ambassador 

The program invites creative minds, irrespective of their marketing background, to represent the brand during the Fall 2023 term. The benefits are as tangible as they get – from gaining influencer marketing experience to receiving free Samsung tech and a monthly stipend of up to $800.

Eligibility Requirements

Samsung is on the lookout for passionate students who are active at eligible universities, possess a minimum of 5K+ combined Instagram and TikTok followers, and are either current Samsung users or open to using Samsung devices during the program. The catch? No conflicting brand partnerships are allowed.


As an official Ambassador in Samsung College Program 2023, your role is not confined to being a spokesperson; you are an activator of influencer campaigns. Imagine creating social content that not only showcases Samsung products but also shapes the narrative of the brand. 

Your mission involves educating fellow students about these products, capturing moments through photos and videos, and being an on-campus advocate at various events. In essence, you become a crucial part of the Samsung narrative.

Samsung College Program Roles

Overview of Roles

The charm of the Samsung College Program lies in its diversity of roles. There are three distinct paths – College Ambassadors, College Influencers, and College Creators. Each role comes with a year-long commitment, spanning from February to December 2023, and promises a generous stipend, the latest Samsung products, exclusive discounts, and more.

Common Features

The beauty of this program lies not just in its benefits but in its flexibility. Depending on your role—Ambassador, Influencer, or Creator—you can adapt your hours to fit your lifestyle. 

Plus, you’ll have the committed support of the Samsung team and your fellow participants, providing a conducive environment for professional growth. It’s not just a program; it’s a network that extends beyond your campus.

Flexibility and Support

Whether you’re dedicating 8-10 hours as an Ambassador, 1-2 hours as an Influencer, or 1-2 hours as a Creator, the flexibility of the program ensures it aligns with your academic commitments. 

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With the support of the Samsung team and your fellow participants, you’re not just an individual; you’re part of a dynamic network, creating an environment where growth becomes not just a possibility but a certainty.

College Ambassadors

Who They Are

College Ambassadors are the architects of events and the ultimate event planners. They are social butterflies, highly connected within their campus network, and possess excellent communication skills. 

Previous experience in on-campus event marketing, promotion, or brand ambassador roles is an added advantage. Essentially, you are the face and voice of Samsung on your campus.


As a College Ambassador, your role is not just about planning events; it’s about coordinating, leading, and promoting them. Imagine being the driving force behind events that not only showcase Samsung products but also create an environment where fellow students are encouraged to try these products. 

Your mission involves creating on-trend lifestyle content that resonates with your audience, both on-campus and through personal social media channels. You’re not just an advocate; you’re a storyteller shaping the Samsung narrative.

College Influencers

Who They Are

College Influencers are creative minds, well-versed in creating, filming, and editing social content. They have a natural flair for aesthetics, are enthusiastic about the brand, and bring an authentic, well-organized approach to their work. Imagine being the trendsetter, the digital voice that echoes Samsung’s message across social media platforms.


Your role as a College Influencer is to be a beacon of Samsung on social media. You’re not just creating content; you’re creating trends. You’ll be crafting lifestyle content that prompts excitement about discount codes, new technology devices, and upcoming events. 

Beyond content creation, you’ll be leading digital outreach efforts to increase awareness of the brand and its products. You’re not just an influencer; you’re a pivotal force shaping how the world sees Samsung.

College Creators

Who They Are

College Creators of Samsung College Program 2024 are the visionaries behind video content. They’re not just creative; they’re authentic, technologically savvy, and have a knack for capturing attention. 

Like Influencers, they are well-connected on social media and have experience in creating lifestyle content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Picture yourself as the director of the Samsung narrative, bringing it to life through captivating videos.


As a College Creator, your canvas is video. You’re not just creating content; you’re creating experiences. You’ll be crafting lifestyle videos that resonate with your audience, promoting discount codes, new technology devices, and upcoming events. 

Your role extends beyond content creation; you’re not just an influencer; you’re a visual storyteller, captivating your audience and shaping the perception of the Samsung brand.

Final Words

In a world where experience is the new currency, the Samsung College Program stands as a goldmine for students eager to explore technology, marketing, and influencer culture. The benefits are not only material; they’re a gateway to a network that extends beyond your campus.

As the curtains draw on this insight into the Samsung College Program, the question lingers – are you ready to be a part of a journey that beats the conventional campus experience? The Samsung College Program awaits, with its doors wide open for the next generation of influencers, advocates, and creators.

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