What is the smallest island in the world

Islands are known to be small and secluded pieces of land surrounded by water. In the Thousand Island chain in New York, US, you’ll find Just Enough Room Island, aka the smallest island in the world — not exactly pint-sized but 3,300 square feet (one-third an acre). 


You’ll find Just Room Enough Island close to the US border with Canada. Since the 1950s this island has been owned and inhabited by the Sizeland family who built an island-size cottage over it

The history behind Just Enough Room Island


In the 1950s, the Sizeland family purchased a small piece of land near the New York side of the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Island chain.

Knowing that the world’s smallest inhabited island title belonged to Bishop Rock, the Sizelands had to work up the requirements to snatch the title from an island twice their size.


One of the requirements was to meet the definition of an island: a piece of rock that ought to be one square foot in size was above water year-round and had to have a tree on top.

The Sizelands met the first two requirements and went right ahead and planted a tree on the newly founded Just Room Enough Island.

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This new island barely had enough room for their own house, tree, and two cement benches out in the front. And the worst part is that it was vulnerable to floods and boat wakes. But that doesn’t stop the sizelands from living a happy life right around the Thousand Island chain.


Top Ten Smallest Island In The World

Here are the top ten smallest islands on the face of the earth:


  • Just Room Enough Island: With only 3,300 square feet in size, it stands as the smallest inhabited island in the world. Despite its tiny size, it has a nice house, tree, shrubs, and a cozy beach for a retreat experience.


  • Simping Island: With an area of just 53,513.8 square feet, it’s enormously bigger than Just Room Enough Island. This island is Indonesia’s second smallest uninhabited island and is known to attract tourists with its pristine coral reefs and tranquil waters.


  • Dangar Island: With a modest size of 2,787,840 square feet, Dangar Island stands afloat as the world’s third smallest island, located near Sydney. This suburb island offers amazing music nights and open mike night events, you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


  • Wizard Island: The Wizard Island is a volcanic cone standing at 6,933 feet tall and covering 315.85 acres. It’s famous for its crater, known as the Witches Cauldron, and it’s a hotspot for nature lovers due to its diverse wildlife and lush scenery.


  • Bryher Island: Bryher is a picturesque island in the Isles of Scilly. It spans around 13,769,226 square feet. Blessed with dramatic contrasts, tourists can explore rocky coves, relax on white sandy beaches, and enjoy local produce at the Bryher Shop. Renowned for its rugged coastline and serene beauty, it’s home to the award-winning Hell Bay Hotel and the film When the Whales Came.


  • Isla Mujeres: Spanning 45,209,088 square feet in the Caribbean Sea, it ranks as the sixth smallest island in the world. Despite its tiny size, it is known to attract visitors with its pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich cultural heritage.


  • Baltrum Island: With an area of  69,696,000 square feet, this German island is the seventh smallest inhabited island in the world. It is better known for its ambient atmosphere and car-free destinations.


  • Sea Lion Island: Covering 97,260,816 square feet, it is situated in the Falkland Islands and ranks as the eighth smallest island globally. Top tourist spots on this island include North Beach where you’ll find beautiful animal seals and heartwarming sunset. 


  • Suwarrow Atoll: Covering a land mass of 105,461,152 square feet in the Pacific Ocean, it stays afloat as the ninth smallest island globally. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity, it is a paradise for snorkelers and nature lovers.


  • Monhegan Island: With an area of 125,226,816 square feet, it is located in the United States and ranks as the tenth smallest island in the world. Known for its rugged coastline, scenic hiking trails, and artistic community, it offers a tranquil escape from the mainland.


Wrap Up


If you ever want to meet the Sizeland family, you will find them at Just Room Enough Island, the smallest island in the world with plenty of interesting facts about it. If you liked what you read, please do let us know in the comments, as always, thank you for reading.

FAQs (Smallest island in the world)


Q. 1. How small is the smallest island in the world? 


The smallest island globally, Just Room Enough Island, is super tiny, only about 3,300 square feet, which is like a tiny backyard. It’s got a cute house, a tree, some shrubs, and a little beach. But watch your step – it’s so small, one wrong move and you might end up in the river!


Q. 2. What are some interesting facts about the smallest islands? 


The smallest islands pack some surprising facts floating over the sea! Just Room Enough Island is only 0.0001 square miles, smaller than a football field. Simping Island in Indonesia, the second smallest, is just 1.23 acres, perfect for a quiet getaway. Dangar Island in Australia is third on the list, measuring only 0.1 square miles. All these secluded pieces of land have amazing tourist spots and beautiful ambiance.


Q. 3. What is the smallest country that is not an island?


The smallest country that’s not an island is Vatican City, nestled in Rome, Italy. It’s super tiny, only about 0.17 square miles. Even though it’s small, it’s a big deal as it’s the heart of the Catholic Church.


Q. 4. Which island country has no capital? 


The island country without a capital is Nauru, a tiny nation in the Pacific Ocean. And although it’s 8.1 square miles in size, Nauru doesn’t have an official capital city. Instead, its government offices are located in Yaren District.


Q. 5. How many islands are there on earth? 


There are about 180,000 islands on Earth, varying in size from small rocky outcrops to vast landmasses. And the islands in the world are in Asia, specifically in Indonesia.


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