Which Dragon Breed Is The Smallest (Hogwarts Legacy)

Which Dragon Breed Is The Smallest (Hogwarts Legacy) brings out the best of adventure in Harry Potter fans, and Sophronia Franklin is one of them. Sophronia Franklin asks twenty-five hard questions throughout the game, and getting them right gives you access to the Field Guide Page.

Here’s a hint: it’s native to eastern and northeastern Peru but it isn’t the Norwegian Ridgeback. 


So, grab your wizarding gadgets and join us on the quest to find out the smallest dragon breed in Hogwarts Legacy. It’ll be a fun and spell-bound quest, a hundred years before Harry Potter steps into the universe of Hogwarts. 


Which Dragon Breed is the Smallest in Hogwarts Legacy?


Peruvian Vipertooth is the smallest and the fastest dragon breed in the Hogwarts Legacy. From its name, you can tell it has venomous fangs. The short horns and black ridge markings are enough signs to tell that it devours goats, cows, and humans.

What Is The Smallest Country in Africa

Thanks to the International Confederation of Wizards, in the 19th century the population of Peruvian Vipertooth was reduced to a handful. 

If you’re not familiar with this dragon, know that it has recurred in the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened time after time.

Now that you know in Hogwarts legacy which dragon breed is the smallest, you are one step closer to meeting Professor Weasley at the Field Gate.

What Happens After You Get It Right? 


Once you get the right answer (B, which is), you’ll be one step closer to the Field Gate to meet Professor Weasley. He will explain to you the Transformation spell which can turn enemies into random explosive objects and if you cast it on an Animagus, it’ll turn it into a human. 

FAQs (Which Dragon Breed Is The Smallest)


Q. 1. What does the Hogwarts motto translate to?


The Hogwarts motto translates to “Never tickle a sleeping dragon”. It’s Latin for It’s Latin for Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus which in the context which in context means that you shouldn’t get into unnecessary fights around the establishment of Hogwarts.


Q. 2. Which magical creature in Hogwarts Legacy is the only one known to produce eggs through its mouth?


The Runespoor is a magical creature that is exclusively known for producing eggs through its mouth. These eggs can simulate mental agility which makes them an essential ingredient in potion-making. You can use them in concoctions like Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and Scintillation Solution, and the great thing about them is they are highly sought after in the magical market.


Q. 3. Where is the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located?


Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located at the top of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, USA. Founded in 1627 as a humble shack by Isolt Sayre and James Steward, it soon became a grand granite castle concealed by powerful enhancements. The school has a rich and intuitive history with native american culture which makes it a great institution for the North American Wizarding community.


Q.4. How do you take care of a dragon in Harry Potter?


Taking care of a dragon in the Harry Potter universe requires a lot of care and attention. First and foremost, you should maintain the right temperature for the dragon egg to hatch nicely. Once it is out of its shell, you’ll have to feed it the right combination of brandy and chicken blood every half hour. Lastly, you should provide the little one with fresh air and a clean ambiance.


Q.5. What is the smallest dragon breed in the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy?


The Peruvian Vipertooth is the smallest dragon breed in the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy. It was found by Harvey Ridgebit which opened up a sizable literature on the creature’s habitat.


Q.6. What’s a small dragon called in Hogwarts Legacy?


The small dragon in the Hogwarts Legacy universe is called Dragonets. They are known to have long necks, slender jaws, and pointed wings. The smallest of its kind is the Peruvian Vipertooth, a copper-colored dragon with venomous fangs that is known to have a taste for goats, cows, and humans. 

Q.7. What is a zero dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?


Zero dragon is an ancient wild being that was once in a deep hibernation phase until they woke by the cold essence of the winter’s magic. If you want to travel faster, you can use mounts like broomsticks and creatures. However, dragons are only available to players with a special game mod.


Q.8. What is a female dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?


A female dragon in Greek mythology is ‘Drakania’ (serpent or dragon) with human-like features. In Hogwarts Legacy, you don’t have to find a female Graphorn until you finish the main quest called San Bakar’s Trial. In this quest, you have to beat a Graphorn in a fight and then take it to a special spot to move forward.


Q.9. What is a lazy dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?


Lazy Dragon is the one who possesses the ability to steal from anyone, anywhere, even in the tightest security. Despite this, he is a hero deep down who targets the greedy to aid the poor. One common example of a lazy dragon is the sleeping dragon who sleeps at Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Page. 

Q.10. How is Professor Weasley related to Ron in Hogwarts Legacy?


Professor Matilda Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy is likely Ron Weasley’s great-great-great-great aunt. It’s unlikely that Professor Weasley has direct children as she remains unmarried during the game’s events. 

Wrap Up


We all love to test our knowledge with Sophronia Franklin’s questions, and knowing what exactly is fifteen feet tall gets you one step closer to the Field Gate, and right in front of Professor Weasley. Stay tuned for more tutorials and guides on Hogwarts Legacy. 

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