Top 17 Architecture Internships for High School Students

Are you a high school student fascinated by architecture, dreaming of creating amazing structures, and eager to turn your passion into a promising future? The journey begins with Architecture Internships for High School Students. These internships not only show you what architecture is all about but also let you try it out for yourself.

Let’s discuss various internships available, their eligibility criteria, and other details in this guide.

The Value of Architecture Internships

Doing architecture internships during high school has many benefits. Beyond getting technical skills, these experiences impact career choices, enhance networking, and add a practical dimension to theoretical knowledge. As you explore the possibilities, consider the value each internship program brings to the table.

Notable Architecture Internship Programs

Gensler High School Internship Program

The Gensler High School Internship Program stands as a beacon for young minds passionate about architecture and design. Dive into this comprehensive program offered by the renowned global design and architecture firm, Gensler. 

Engage in workshops, site visits, and hands-on design projects, collaborating with experienced architects. This program doesn’t just build technical skills; it nurtures collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.

Architecture + AI Inspirit AI Project

The Architecture + AI Inspirit AI Project explores the intersection of design and artificial intelligence. Get into the ethical considerations of AI in aesthetics and its responsible applications in the art world. 

This offering empowers high school students globally to apply artificial intelligence and computer science to their work. It emphasizes project-based learning and socially impactful research, providing a holistic perspective on architecture’s future.

SOM Foundation Design Fellowships – Summer Architecture Internships for High School Students

The SOM Foundation Design Fellowships offer a remarkable opportunity for high school students to learn about architecture, design, and urban planning. Focused on developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving, this fellowship exposes participants to diverse perspectives and global urban challenges. 

Through design workshops, site visits, and discussions, fellows tackle real-world issues with innovative design solutions. This program not only imparts insights into the architectural industry but also instills a sense of social responsibility.

SCI-Arc Design Immersion Days – Architect Internships for High Schoolers

Hosted by the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), the Design Immersion Days program provides a hands-on experience for high school students interested in architecture. 

From exploring architectural principles to delving into design thinking and digital design tools, participants engage in projects that fuel creativity and understanding of spatial concepts. Whether crafting physical prototypes or working on digital models, Design Immersion Days set the stage for a future in architecture.

IIT Architecture Studio: High School Summer Program

The Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture offers a High School Summer Program, providing a gateway to the world of architecture. 

Through practical design projects and explorations of Chicago’s architectural landmarks, participants gain insights into architectural concepts, design methodologies, and model-making.

Engaging with faculty, students, and professionals, this program not only adds a tangible project to your portfolio but also deepens your appreciation for architecture’s role in shaping the urban environment.

BSA Foundation’s Summer Design Exploration Program

The Boston Society for Architecture (BSA) Foundation’s Summer Design Exploration Program immerses high school students in the world of design and architecture. Focusing on fundamental design principles, this program encourages creative exploration through collaborative projects. 

Field trips to architectural sites provide a firsthand look at the impact of architectural design on the built environment. By participating, students not only develop valuable design skills but also gain a broader awareness of architecture’s societal role.

NYC Center for Architecture K-12 Programs

The Center for Architecture in New York City offers K-12 programs designed to ignite passion for architecture in young minds. From design studios to workshops, high school students engage in hands-on activities that foster critical and creative thinking about the built environment. 

With access to experienced architects and design educators, students receive mentorship that aids in developing their design skills and understanding architectural principles.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation High School Design Camp

Put yourself in the innovative design philosophy of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright through the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s High School Design Camp. 

Held at Taliesin West, Wright’s winter home and architectural laboratory, this camp introduces participants to the principles of organic architecture. Through hands-on design activities, students learn to create harmonious designs that combine with the natural environment.

Architectural Foundation of San Francisco’s Build San Francisco Summer Design Institute

The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco’s Build San Francisco Summer Design Institute is an immersive program allowing high school students to explore architecture, urban planning, and design. 

Through design challenges, workshops, and collaboration on real-world urban challenges, participants develop creativity and critical thinking skills. Visits to architectural landmarks and interactions with design professionals offer valuable insights.

AIA Chicago Foundation’s Newhouse Architecture + Design Career Day

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago Foundation’s Newhouse Architecture + Design Career Day is a dynamic event inspiring high school students in architecture and design. 

Through workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, participants interact with practicing architects, design educators, and professionals. Engaging presentations and practical exercises provide insights into the multifaceted nature of architecture and design careers.

University of Washington College of Built Environments Exploration Academy

The Exploration Academy, hosted by the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments, is a summer program designed for high school students interested in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. 

This approach combines design projects with field trips, lectures, and studio sessions. Through hands-on challenges, students develop creative problem-solving skills, preparing them for the dynamic world of architecture and design.

Designmatters Summer High School Workshops

Designmatters, a program at the ArtCenter College of Design, offers immersive summer workshops for high school students interested in design, social impact, and creative problem-solving. 

While not exclusively focused on architecture, these workshops explore the intersection of design and social change. Participants engage in projects addressing real-world challenges, working with design mentors and industry experts to create innovative solutions.

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Philadelphia Architecture + Design College Fair

The Philadelphia Architecture + Design College Fair, while not an internship program, serves as a valuable event for high school students interested in architecture and design. 

Bringing together representatives from various architecture schools, this fair provides a platform to explore different educational paths. It’s a prime opportunity to gather information, ask questions, and make informed decisions about pursuing architecture at the college level.

Taliesin Nexus’s Architecture + Culture Workshops

Taliesin Nexus’s Architecture + Culture Workshops offer a thought-provoking experience exploring the intersection of architecture, culture, and society. While not specifically aimed at high school students, these workshops provide an opportunity for those with a keen interest in the broader implications of architecture. 

Engage in discussions, workshops, and projects that challenge conventional thinking and encourage a deeper understanding of the cultural impact of design.

Regional Programs and Specialized Camps

Architecture Internships For High School Students Near Me

Exploring local opportunities is crucial when considering architecture internships. Many regions host specialized programs, such as the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco’s Build San Francisco Summer Design Institute, tailored to the characteristics and challenges of the area. 

Check with local architectural organizations or educational institutions to discover internship programs available near you.

Architecture Internships For High School Students NYC

If you find yourself in the vibrant landscape of New York City, the NYC Center for Architecture offers K-12 programs that expose students to the architectural wonders of the city. 

Engage in design studios, workshops, and activities that reflect the urban environment, providing a rich experience for those considering architecture internships for high school graduates in the heart of NYC.

Career Exploration Events and College Fairs

Philadelphia Architecture + Design College Fair

For those looking to explore architecture education options, the Philadelphia Architecture + Design College Fair is an invaluable event. Representatives from various architecture schools gather to provide insights into their programs. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss admission requirements, curriculum details, and potential career paths with professionals in the field.

Taliesin Nexus’s Architecture + Culture Workshops

If you’re interested in more than just buildings, Taliesin Nexus’s workshops explore the cultural side of architecture. Engage in discussions and projects that challenge traditional thinking. It’s an opportunity to explore how architecture connects with our culture.

Final Words

Architecture internships for high school students offer amazing opportunities to explore, learn, and create. Whether you join a global firm like Gensler or a local program like the Build San Francisco Summer Design Institute, each experience helps you grow as a future architect. Remember, architecture isn’t just about buildings; it’s about shaping the future, one design at a time.

Grab these opportunities, connect with professionals, and let your love for architecture grow. Your journey to becoming an architect starts with exploring and learning. Open the door to your future in architecture – it’s a design waiting for you to make it real.

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